Are there really werewolves, or are they just stories made up to scare us?

Are they the “real deal” or just something that horror story writers made up?

I’ll leave it up to you.

The first account of werewolves took place in England in 1591.

What really happened is a little sketchy because the only written account of it was taken from a 16-page pamphlet that was written about the events.

There are only two written accounts left.

During the many wars that have been fought in the area over the ages, many records from those times have been lost.

Here’s what we know, though:

In the farmland near the German cities of Cologne and Bedburg, there were a lot of terrible deaths.

The stories are really horrible, such as about half-eaten bodies.

A few people surrounded a big wolf that was thought to be the killer and let their dogs attack it.

With sharp sticks and swords, they began to attack the wolf.

The wolf didn’t try to get away or keep itself safe.

a werewolf
a werewolf

When it stood up on its back legs, the townspeople recognized him as Peter Stubbe, a middle-aged man from their town.

Stubbe was put on a wheel and tortured.

He finally admitted that he had killed, eaten, and drunk the blood of 16 people, including two pregnant women and 13 children.

From what little is known about what happened, Stubbe started doing sorcery when he was 12 years old.

Eventually, he started to become and act like a wolf.

He would then rip his victims’ throats, drink their blood, and then eat their meat.

Stubbe was brought to court, found guilty, and put to death.

The killing was a grim thing to watch.

A red-hot claw was used to pull his skin off.

His head was cut off, and his arms and legs were all broken.

What was left was burned to ash.

Stubbe’s brutality and savagery were not human, and it was easy to compare his actions to those of a wolf.

People began to think that creatures that were part human and part wolf lived among them.

They called these creatures “werewolves.”

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