ghosts of mammoth cave

Ghosts of Mammoth Cave

There are at least three ghosts in Mammoth Cave itself, and some people think there may be more.

There are also many more ghosts in the national park as a whole.

The largest cave system in the world is in Kentucky.

It is called Mammoth Cave.

Here are some stories about three of the ghosts:

Stephen Bishop

The story goes that Stephen Bishop was a slave who didn’t want to be freed because he didn’t want to leave Mammoth Cave.

Bishop found many unknown tunnels in Mammoth Cave and drew maps that are still used today.

Bishop didn’t want to leave Mammoth Cave when he was alive, and people say he still doesn’t want to leave it now that he’s dead.

He goes through the cave looking for lost people and leads them to safety.


melissa looking for her teacher
Melissa looking for her teacher

Melissa is the name of another ghost who lives in Mammoth Cave.

Melissa was from the South, but she fell in love with her Boston-born teacher.

Melissa was in love with her teacher, but he didn’t feel the same way.

So, she took him to Mammoth Cave and left him there.

She went back to show him how to get out, but she couldn’t find him.

People say that she still looks for him as she walks through Mammoth Cave.

Hmmm, what happened to him?

Floyd Collins

Floyd Collins is the third famous ghost who lives in Mammoth Cave.

He was exploring a cave when he got stuck in a small space and couldn’t get out.

People tried to get him out of the cave, but he died there.

His family sold his things to people who had come to remember him.

more people lost in mammoth cave
more people lost in Mammoth Cave

Other Ghosts

It is said that more people have been lost or died in Mammoth Cave.

There are rumors that many of their souls are haunting the area nearby.

In the cemetery, you can hear violin music and see a strange light around a tree where a guy was hung.

When Mammoth Cave was turned into a national park, the people who lived there had to move.

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