halloween class party games

Games for a Halloween Class Party

Halloween may be a child’s first favorite holiday, with Christmas coming in as a close second.

Most kids adore everything Halloween-related.

Adults presume that this is because Halloween is associated with sugar, and most kids enjoy candy.

But many kids enjoy more than just the excess of candy around Halloween.

They enjoy the displays of gooey brains and squishy body parts and really get into the ghoulish element of the occasion.

Therefore, Halloween activities can be quite enjoyable.

Unfazed, the kids will love it.

So having a boisterous Halloween class party is always enjoyable.

Kids of all school ages will love it since there are so many entertaining games and activities, plus there are a ton of sweets available as prizes.

Pumpkin Bowling

How about a game of pumpkin bowling for the smaller kids?

Locate some of the cheap plastic pumpkin treat buckets and arrange them in a stack on a hard surface.

They can be stacked as high as you desire, but you must begin with three buckets or more.

You can construct a pyramid out of buckets if you have a lot of them.

pumpkin bowling
pumpkin bowling

Find some lightweight plastic balls; bowling ball plastic is a great choice.

Then let the kids go bowling!

They should all win prizes for playing this game, and they will enjoy toppling the pumpkin heads.

Pass the Story

Circular time! Invite all the children to form a circle and start telling a scary tale.

The story can start with the well-known phrase, “It was a dark and spooky night,” and then be continued by the person after them in the circle.

Each child in the circle adds to the narrative.

If the kids are small, you can keep the narrative on track by stating that no gory details will be permitted.

You can choose how frightening the tale should be if the children are older.

Be aware that stories for children in the upper elementary grades will tend to be quite gruesome and disturbing.

To get ready for this kind of narrative, you can establish the guidelines beforehand.

halloween word games
Halloween story game

Musical Chairs

The timeless game “musical chairs” has captured kids’ attention for the longest amount of time.

In this variation, Halloween-themed music is played while the children sprint around the chairs.

Instruct them to appear as eerie and frightening as possible (think “Monster Mash” or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson).

Depending on the kids’ ages, you can tighten the rules.

For younger children, you can advise them to simply circle the seats until the music ends.

As kids get older, you can include more difficult activities like doing the monster mash (whatever that means to the particular child) or making terrifying faces as you go around the chairs.

You’ll undoubtedly receive some original responses.


Cakewalks are popular with children but aren’t practical in a classroom.

However, you might organize a treat stroll.

For this one, provide ample room in the classroom.

Play some Halloween-related music once more and instruct the children to circle walk like they do for cakewalks at other school events.

kids at school Halloween party
kids at school’s Halloween party

However, you can have them walk onto cardboard discs that depict images of ghosts, monsters, and the like instead of having them walk onto number squares or circles.

The cakewalk coordinator will pause the music and take a matching image out of a pumpkin head.

The winner of the cakewalk will be announced as “ghost head” or “monster mouth” rather than, say, “#14.”

Jello Brains

On store shelves, there is a fascinating game where you have to sort through a rubber “brain” to see what’s within.

However, you can do this on your own.

Make some jello and add a variety of sweets, miniature candies, trinkets, and other stuff to it, such as gummy worms and other gummy candies.

To pique their curiosity, describe the bowl of jello as a “brain” and instruct the youngsters to dig around inside it to see what’s inside.

Children adore it despite the mess and stickiness.

The best option is to dye the jello black so that it is too dark to see what is within.

It will more closely resemble brain matter (at least, that is how kids will perceive it).

spaghetti game
spaghetti game

Spaghetti Game

Kids adore the spaghetti game.

Before playing this game, make sure they are wearing play clothes or a smock over their clothes.

Make a large bowl of spaghetti and load it with a variety of strange-feeling objects, such as plastic bugs, gummy worms, and other objects.

Ask the kids to explore the spaghetti bowl and name the things they feel.

Ask them to make a list of all the things they can recall once they have finished and cleaned up.

A prize is awarded to the person who lists the most items correctly.

Anyone for spaghetti?

Black Box

Another similar game that is always popular involves painting a cardboard box black on the inside and outside.

Create a little hole in the top of the box—just big enough for the kids to fit their hands through.

Then stuff it with a variety of things.

They may be Halloween-related (like a small pumpkin) or not (like Tootsie rolls that have been wrapped in foil or a tiny plastic Hummer automobile).

Ask the kids to guess what’s inside the box, and the one who correctly predicts the most items will receive the actual box.

Include some objects that might feel like body parts or brain matter to make this gooey and funny.

Halloween word game words to use
Halloween word game words to use

Halloween Word Games

Give them Halloween-related words and instruct them to come up with as many frightening words as they can.

Give them the word “Halloween” as an example, and then ask them to see how many words they can conjure up using just the letters.

Or you could offer them a list of words and ask them to rearrange the letters to make spooky words.

Give this game a time limit and provide a prize to the kid who comes up with the most words in the shortest period of time.

Here are just some of the games that kids can play at their school’s Halloween party.

Activities like these can help make the party something they will remember for a long time.

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