Welcome to Eerie Halloween.

Halloween brings back so many great memories for me. I remember the crisp cool air on my face while out trick or treating. And the chill bumps on my arms were more from the giddiness and excitement of Halloween night than the coldness. I remember looking up at the moon through the spooky tree branches. Halloween was so much fun when I was a child.

We had school Halloween carnivals. It was always strange to see the school ground and cafeteria at night.

As an older child about 11 and 12 years old, I remember going to get togethers at friends’ homes and eating cookies and cakes. I remember dunking for apples. I don’t think people do that anymore, do they? I remember dressing up as a gypsy one year. That was so much fun.

And when I was older as a parent, I wanted my children to have so much fun at Halloween, too. Every year I made their costumes. I will look for pictures of those costumes and post them here on this page.

One year I made dice costumes for my son and daughter. Poor kids had to keep their arms outstretched. I guess I didn’t think it through when I made them. My son could pull his arms inside, so his wasn’t so bad. I felt bad that my daughter could hardly move and bend her arms, but later that night while getting in to bed, she said, “mommy, this is the funnest Halloween ever.”

I hope you have a mysterious, safe and “funnest Halloween” this year. But mostly I hope you and your family and friends make lasting, awesome memories.

Donna 🙂

me singing to my bumblebee
me singing to my bumblebee – late 1970s
me as raggedy ann with my little sister teri
me as raggedy ann with my little sister – late 1970s