celebrating halloween at work

Celebrating Halloween at Work 

With all the Halloween excitement outside, are you feeling stuck in a monotonous work place?

Don’t worry.

I’ll provide some suggestions on how you can bring about some Halloween fun at work and celebrate this festive season with your colleagues.

There are many things you can do at work or with your coworkers to ensure that you have a great Halloween.

Here are some ideas to make work fun on Halloween.

take coworkers to haunted house
take coworkers to haunted house

Plan a Field Trip

You know those field trips you used to have at school?

Well, this is kind of like that. 🙂

Make a group at your office consisting of Halloween enthusiasts and plan a getaway.

There are several weekend adventures to try.

You can look into the haunted houses, watch some horror movies, or enjoy some Halloween plays.

You will hear about several Halloween events happening throughout the week and decide where you can head to at the weekend.

office halloween party
office Halloween party, late 1970s

Have a Party

Everywhere I’ve worked, any excuse for a party would do.

What could be better than Halloween?

It can be a small Halloween party with your coworkers.

It doesn’t have to be a costume party, as you are at work after all.

Create some nice Halloween e-invites and send them to everyone’s mailbox at the office.

Ask everyone to contribute, and you can set up everything in the conference room or the lunch room.

Get some decorations done and order some good food.

You can also find some interesting quizzes, contests, and games.

And there you are; your office Halloween party is ready!

Decorate Your Office or Work Area

Decorate your work station with colorful autumn leaves, plastic tombs, and pumpkins.

If you have an office, decorate your door.

If you would decorate for other holidays, think Halloween instead.

give out goody bags
give out goody bags

Give Out Goody Bags to Your Coworkers

If you are really enthusiastic about Halloween, then you may create a small treat bag for your fellow coworkers.

Just put some interesting things in the bag, such as a Halloween figurine, a Halloween Pez dispenser, or some Halloween pens or pencils.

In my opinion, the best stuff in a goody bag is candy, preferably chocolate. 🙂

Wear Halloween Clothes and Accessories

There are funny and not-so-funny Halloween clothes.

Jewelry is fun to wear. And can sometimes be very discreet.

If the atmosphere at work is okay for celebrating Halloween, then go for it.

Just have fun!

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