how to make a glowing halloween ghost

How To Make A Glowing Halloween Ghost

Learn how to make a glowing Halloween ghost that looks so spooky.

Holiday decorations always add a festive atmosphere, especially when they light up or glow.

This video is long, but you can set the speed higher in the settings if you are short on time and pause when needed.

This is really a good tutorial, just long.

I’m not into blood-and-guts Halloween decorations.

Give me a cackling, ugly witch or a glowing, spooky ghost instead. 🙂

video by Craftie

Supplies Needed

100 clear light set with white cord

glue gun with glue sticks

about 24′′–30′′ tall tomato cage

about a 6′′ diameter styrofoam ball

black felt or strong material for eyes and mouth

old white or cream tablecloth or sheet about 6 feet diameter

wire bread ties or thin wire cut into 2′′ pieces

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Set the tomato cage upside down with the pointy part sticking up.

Step 2: Wrap the string of clear lights around the cage, starting with the plug at the bottom and ending at the top of the cage. While wrapping, turn the lights toward the inside of the cage.

This is like stringing lights on a Christmas tree. You want to use all the lights, and you want to cover the whole length. Tie it with bread ties or wire where you think it could start slipping.

Step 3: Stick the styrofoam ball on the three points and push down. Make sure the ball is securely in place and won’t blow off.

Step 4: Drape the sheet or tablecloth over the styrofoam ball evenly. It should touch or pool a little on the ground. With the glue gun ready, gather up one area of the sheet and glue the sheet to several places on the ball. This will keep a little wind from blowing it off.

Step 5: Freely draw eyes and a mouth for your ghost. You can create it’s expression any way you want, or do it like she did in the video. She made patterns out of cardboard and then cut them out of black felt. Any strong material would do. She cut kidney bean shapes about 2-3′′ long and punched a hole for the eyes so the light will show through. For the mouth, she cut an oval about 4 inches long.

Step 6: With the glue gun ready again, glue the eyes and mouth on the sheet. Glue eyes on at different levels. It really looks cool that way. Glue the mouth on with the longer length going up and down.

You’re done! Plug it in.

You’ll probably need to use an extension cord to reach an outlet.

Now that you see how easy this was, you can make a larger one.

Looking on the internet, I saw tomato cages over 4 feet high.

Just make sure you increase the size of the sheet or tablecloth and the number of string lights.

As you can see, this is a project that will last for years.

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